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  • Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses
    Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses From Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, KS It's an old debate -- do you want eyeglasses or contact lenses? The answer depends on what you do Read more
  • Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision
    Our Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, Kansas Discusses Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision It takes a healthy, varied diet to keep your body in good shape, and your Read more
  • Contact Lens Health Week in August
    Learn More About Caring For Your Contact Lenses From Our Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, Kansas The Center for Disease Control has named August 21-25 the week of National Contact Lens Read more
  • Conditions a Regular Eye Exam can Detect
    Comprehensive Eye Exams to Detect Conditions in WichitaAs your preferred Wichita optometrist practice, we encourage all of our patients to receive regular eye exams. Having a dedicated eye doctor for Read more
  • What is Pink Eye? Our Optometrist Explains in This Blog.
    What is Pink Eye in Wichita, KS?Pink eye or conjunctivitis as it is referred to by doctors is an infection of the eye, and it is highly contagious. Pinkeye causes Read more
  • Summer Eye Care Tips in Wichita, KS
    Summer Eye Care Tips in Wichita, KSSummer is a challenging time for eye health, but with some basic precautions and practices, you should have no trouble avoiding injuries or discomfort. Read more
  • Causes of Chronically Red Eyes
    Causes of Chronically Red Eyes Having red eyes most or all of the time indicates inflammation of the eye's tissues due to irritation, infection, disease or allergy. When your eyes are Read more
  • What Is Myopia?
    What Is Myopia? When you have trouble seeing objects far away, this is a sign that you are suffering from myopia. Here at Wichita Optometry, we treat myopia for patients of Read more
  • Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment
    Dry Eyes: What You Need To Know If you have dry, itchy eyes you may be concerned with contracting a medical condition called dry eye condition. At Wichita Optometry, we offer Read more
  • Seasonal Eye Allergies FAQs
    Seasonal Eye Allergies FAQ If you are a seasonal allergy sufferer in Wichita, KS you want to prepare for the upcoming season. The worst season for sufferers is right around the Read more
  • Glaucoma FAQs Answered by Our Wichita Optometrists
    Glaucoma FAQs From Your Wichita Optometrist Glaucoma is the most common cause of blindness in adults. In addition, children can develop pediatric glaucoma that also leads to permanent vision loss. Here Read more
  • LipiFlow Treatment For Dry Eyes In Wichita
    LipiFlow Treatment For Dry Eyes In Wichita If you are struggling with dry eye symptoms, which include red, itchy eyes that feel as if they have grit in them, you want Read more
  • What Causes Macular Degeneration?
    What Causes Macular Degeneration? Macular degeneration is an eye disease that is quite common among adults in the US. In fact, more than 200,000 new cases are reported every year. Here Read more
  • Sports Eye Safety Tips
    Protect Your Eyes While Playing Sports Playing sports is fun at all ages, but only if a game isn't marred by injury. Eye injuries are especially common in games where protective Read more
  • Eye Disease Management
    Eye Disease Management in WichitaWichita residents need to make eye wellness a priority this year, especially if you are at risk for disease or chronic problems such as allergies or Read more
  • Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams
    Importance of a Pediatric Eye Exams in Douglas & AmidonHealthy vision starts at a young age and parents want to consider a pediatric eye exam before their children reach school Read more
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