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Sports Eye Safety Tips

Sports eye safety

Protect Your Eyes While Playing Sports

Playing sports is fun at all ages, but only if a game isn't marred by injury. Eye injuries are especially common in games where protective eyewear or face masks aren't normally worn. For this reason, many children's leagues have begun to require or at least suggest using more personal protective equipment. Adults, on the other hand, typically need to take their own initiative when it comes to protecting their eyes. It is well worth it to do so at all ages – a catastrophic eye injury is much harder to repair than a twisted knee.

Protect Your Eyes

Helmets, mouth protectors, or both are standard headgear in many sports. Professional players are often seen wearing these things on camera along with protective equipment for the rest of their bodies. Even here, though, the eyes are often left without protection. This gives the false impression that the eyes are somehow immune to serious injury. Unfortunately, the impression is just that – false.

Amateur sports players of all ages should always protect their eyes when playing contact sports. Indoors, the elbows of other players, airborne balls, and stationary equipment all pose dangers to the face. Outside, a face-plant can easily result in turf or even stones being driven into the eyes. At the amateur level, these dangers are even greater because such players don't have as much experience with dodging things that threaten their eyes.

Wear Goggles or Face Masks

The American Academy of Ophthalmology notes that some sports are especially dangerous for the eyes. Basketball, racquet sports, field hockey, and soccer are specifically mentioned. Most of the danger in these activities arise from the possibility of being hit with an airborne element of the game itself, such as a shuttlecock or hockey puck. In basketball, however, elbows and other such body parts are also a danger.

Minimizing these dangers is usually as easy as putting on a pair of fog-resistant polycarbonate safety goggles. Those with a good design will protect your eyes without interfering with your ability to see what's going on around you. For sports where debris may fly at you with enough force to harm your skin as well as the eyes, try a full-face mask.

Make an Appointment Today for Eye Injury Care

For more tips on protecting your eyes while playing sports, or for treatment for an eye injury you already have, contact us at Wichita Optometry here in Wichita, KS. We'll be glad to help.


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