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Polarized Glasses

What Are the Advantages of Polarized Glasses?

Whether you love to be outdoors or just stepped out for the occasional outing, it’s important that you see clearly during your activities and protect your eyes as well. Around the water, in the snow, or anywhere you’re likely to face the glare reflected from the bright sun, our optometrist in Wichita, Kansas recommends bringing polarized glasses to reduce glare and help you see better.

What Polarized Glasses Do

When wearing sunglasses that are polarized, you will notice a dramatic decrease in glare in areas and around objects that normally reflect the sun in a blindingly bright way. Skiing or snowboarding, boating, fishing, or being around metal on buildings or cars--all these will be made easier with the clarity polarized lenses provide. Reducing brightness makes for more distinct contrast and differentiation, which you can easily see for yourself when looking down into dark, murky lake water, for example. Without polarized glasses, glare creates a uniform, impenetrable water surface, but polarized glasses let you perceive shapes further below by eliminating glare.

How Polarized Glasses Work

The tinted coating on polarized sunglasses is formulated to block light coming in horizontally and allow light to enter vertically. This obstructs the most bright glare as glare typically comes in horizontally. By filtering out enough of the reflection, the remaining light allows you to see better and distinguish objects, even in bright blinding light.

Polarized lenses and those treated with a UV-protective coating are different, so be sure to look for a pair of sunglasses with both of these. You will still want UV protection due to UV exposure rays are harmful to the eyes, contributing to cataracts and eye stress.

Recommendations From Our Optometrist in Wichita

Stay safe during outdoor activities in the water or the snow and be sure you’re seeing clearly. At Wichita Optometry, we’re happy to answer your questions about easy solutions to help you see better in various environments as well as answer your questions about general eye health. Keep up with your regular eye exams so your doctor can catch any issues and help you come up with the best solution.

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