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LipiFlow Treatment For Dry Eyes In Wichita

LipiFlow Treatment From Dry Eyes In Wichita

LipiFlow Treatment For Dry Eyes In Wichita

If you are struggling with dry eye symptoms, which include red, itchy eyes that feel as if they have grit in them, you want to find relief. Our optometrists at Wichita Optometry understand your pain and we have a solution. We offer LipiFlow treatments in our office to help reduce the chronic condition known as dry eye. Learn more about what is LipiFlow treatment and how this may benefit you or your family member. 

What is LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment?

LipiFlow is a treatment for individuals who suffer from dry eye syndrome. When using LipiFlow your Wichita optometrist opens and clears your blocked oil glands in your eyes. This is done via the thermal pulsation with LipiFlow. Once these glands are unblocked, your eyes are able to produce the normal flow of oils that are required to generate natural tears.  

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition that results in a loss of tears or lubrication in the eye. This can be caused by blocked glands or due to eye strain from using digital screens. For most individuals, dry eye is caused by the latter, as a result of working on computers, looking at smartphones, and watching tablets for hours each day. However, some patients are suffering from dry eye condition due to the blockage of their glands, which is treatable using LipiFlow.

How Long Does a Treatment Using LipiFlow Typically Last?

When using LipiFlow to treat dry eye condition, it can take a few weeks before the treatment provides complete relief. At that stage, you will continue to receive relief from LipiFlow for approximately two years. Of course, this depends on the individual and whether you suffer from other eye conditions. Keep in mind that if you have a dry eye condition that is also caused by overuse of digital screens, then you will need to make some lifestyle changes. While the LipiFlow treatments work to correct oil gland function, it does not provide relief for too much digital light exposure.

Choosing a Wichita, KS Optometrist

If you would like more information about LipiFlow, let our Wichita, KS optometrists assist you. Here at Wichita Optometry, we will provide you with a diagnosis of dry eye condition to determine if this treatment is right for your needs. From there we provide LipiFlow at our office for your convenience. Contact our office today at 316-942-7496 to schedule your eye doctor appointment.

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