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Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment

Dry Eyes: What You Need To Know

If you have dry, itchy eyes you may be concerned with contracting a medical condition called dry eye condition. At Wichita Optometry, we offer eye exams and vision testing to determine if you have this eye problem. In addition, we provide treatments for dry eye condition here in our offices in Wichita, KS. Prior to your appointment learn more about dry eye condition to see what to expect when you visit.

What is the Dry Eye Condition?

Dry eye condition is a syndrome associated with eyes that cannot maintain the right amount of lubrication. Sometimes dry eye is caused by blocked tear ducts. However, for most patients diagnosed with dry eye disorder, the issue is due to staring at digital screens for hours on end. If you are suffering from dry eye condition, the most common indicators are burning, scratchy, red eyes that feel as if there is something gritty rubbing on the eyeball.

Can I Protect My Eyes From Getting Dry Eye Condition?

Fortunately, dry eye condition can be treated and there are ways to prevent yourself from struggling with this issue. For starters, you will need to see an optometrist to get a proper diagnosis. If you have dry eyes due to blocked tear ducts you will need a treatment to resolve this issue. For dry eye syndrome caused by a lack of tears due to looking at screens for long periods, start by reducing your screen time. If this is not feasible, take breaks from staring at the screen.

What are the Treatments for Dry Eyes at the Optometrist?

As noted, treatment for a blocked tear duct is required by an optometrist. This may be eye drops or an in-office procedure to remove the blockage. For individuals with dry eye due to their environment, prescription strength eye drops can help lubricate the eyes. However, a change in setting is often the best remedy in this situation.

Find a Wichita, KS Optometrist for Dry Eyes

To best treat your dry eye condition, it is time to seek the professional help of an optometrist in Wichita, KS. Here at Wichita Optometry, we offer a team of eye doctors ready to test and treat your dry eye issue. Give us a call at 316-942-7496 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.

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