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Summer Eye Care Tips in Wichita, KS

Summer Eye Care Tips in Wichita, KS

Summer Eye Care Tips in Wichita, KS

Summer is a challenging time for eye health, but with some basic precautions and practices, you should have no trouble avoiding injuries or discomfort. Here are some tips from your optometrist in Wichita for common situations that are encountered during this time of the year:

Wear UV-Protective Glasses

Glasses can protect your eyes whether or not they include prescription lenses. In fact, they don't even have to be sunglasses to provide one needed benefit: Protection from UV rays. This protection is granted by a clear anti-UV coating that is applied at the lab. It will help stop sunburns of the retina, and it may protect against sun-related cataract formation as well.

If your eyes aren't bothered by the brightness of the visible light, then clear lenses with the anti-UV coating are all you need. However, if it's too bright outside for comfortable travel, it's time to wear shades. Make sure your sunglasses protect against UV rays, too – not all brands do.

Wear Safety Glasses or Goggles When Appropriate

Many summertime activities involve things that can cause objects to be thrown around with force. Weed whipping, wood or metal making, chainsawing, and similar activities all fall into this category. Always wear impact-resistant safety glasses or safety goggles when doing these and related activities. You'll be surprised at how often you find plant matter and other materials getting stuck to the lenses or bouncing off of them. Every time you see this, remember that without the eyewear, that material would have hit you right in the eye.

Keep Eye Drops Handy

Dry spells during the summer cause dust to fly up from roads, your yard, and other locations. This fine matter gets into the air – and into your eyes. An application of general eye drops helps to wash it out and stop irritation.

Eye drops are also good when it rains after a prolonged dry spell. At these times, mold and certain plants release spores that can cause eye allergies to flare up. Using the drops will calm the flare and help to remove this invisible material.

Get Your Eyes Checked by Our Wichita Eye Doctors

It's always safer to do things when you don't have any blurriness to contend with. Get your new lens prescription or update your old one by making an appointment with us here at Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, KS.


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