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Benefits of Polarized Glasses

The Benefits of Polarized Glasses

Polarized glasses reduce the glare of reflected light, making them ideal for people who spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly if you are in a high-glare environment (such as around large bodies of water or snow). With four locations to choose from, Wichita Optometry has you covered when you are considering polarized glasses.

How Polarized Glasses Work

Polarized lenses are designed to prevent glare from hitting your eye directly. A special chemical is applied to the lens that creates a vertical filter blocking out some of the light (much like the 1980s slotted glasses, but on a much smaller scale). As a result, the image taken in is slightly darker, but sharper.

Are There Cons to Polarized Glasses?

Due to the dimming effect of the lenses, there are a few small drawbacks to consider, though nothing that can’t be worked around. For example, LCD screens and low-light situations can be dampened with the reduced light that the lenses permit (cell phones, ATMs, and newer vehicle dashboards being the most common inconveniences). Tinted windows can also amplify the darkening effects of the lenses.

The Gains of Polarized Glasses

The biggest gain is the clearer vision, especially in bright light. The reduced glare enhances visibility for near and distant objects. The reflected light is also reduced, increasing the contrast and making colors more noticeable. The lessened brightness reduces squinting and eye strain. For example, people who fish say that the lack of glare helps to see into the water. Please note that polarized glasses alone do not automatically offer UV protection as that is a separate type of lens protection.

Ask Us About Polarized Glasses

If you are interested in seeing if polarized lenses can help you, schedule an appointment with Wichita Optometry. Our optometrists can offer a complete eye exam and go into further detail as to how you could benefit from polarized glasses. To make an appointment, give us a call today at 316-942-7496.


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