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Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision

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Our Wichita Optometry, P.A. in Wichita, Kansas Discusses Fruits & Veggies and How They Impact Vision

It takes a healthy, varied diet to keep your body in good shape, and your eyes are no different than any other organ. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables have an effect on your eye health, to both protect from disease and keep your vision strong. At Wichita Optometry, P.A., we want to educate our patients on how to keep their eyes healthy using simple tips like eating the right diet.

The Best Foods for Eye Health

Eye health depends on a lot more than simply eating the right combination of foods, but a healthy diet is the best start to keeping your vision strong and your eyes disease-free. Here are some of the most important foods to incorporate into your diet if you want to keep your eyes healthy:

  • Fish, especially those rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fish such as tuna, trout, sardines, and anchovies can reverse dry eye as well as supporting general eye health
  • Nuts, legumes, and seeds. These foods also include omega-3 fatty acids. Some of the best for eye health include walnuts, cashews, chia seeds, peanuts, and hemp seeds
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes. These fruits contain vitamin C, which is an antioxidant which fights age-related eye damage.
  • Leafy green vegetables such as collard greens, spinach, and kale.
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Eggs
  • Water. It may surprise you to see water added to a list of healthy foods, but without the right amount of water in your body, none of the other nutrients you ingest will do you much good. Water is key, every single day.

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